Monthly Bow Subscription FAQ

What is included in the Monthly Bow Subscription?


The Classic Trio - $20

  • This set is our "regular" subscription trio, offering the following 3 bows each month:
    • Ellie
    • Lizzie
    • Betty

The Grande Trio - $23*

  • This is our "large" subscription set, ideal for older girls or those who want BIG Bows.
  • This trio will include:
    • Betty
    • Elizabeth
    • Libby


    • The Lizzie Bow - $7.50*
      • Think of this as a single pigtail bow to match the Classic Trio, or the "Little Sister" bow for those with the Grande Subscription.
    • The Elizabeth Bow - $9.50*
      • This is the "Big Sister" bow for those with the Classic Trio, but also a great choice if you want two matching Elizabeth bows for oversized pigtails with your Grande set.

    Shipping is not included and prices do not include Taxes/VAT where applicable.


    How will these bows coordinate across the sets and add-on's?

    • There will be 3 different fabrics for each set.
    • Classic Trio Ellie will match the Grande Trio Libby
    • Classic Trio Lizzie will match the Grande Trio Elizabeth
    • Classic Trio Betty will match the Grande Trio Betty
    • The Lizzie Add-On will be an identical bow, matching the Classic Trio Lizzie
    • The Elizabeth Add-On will be an identical bow, matching the Grande Trio Elizabeth

      Will there be other bows available to coordinate with Subs?

      While collections may have a similar theme, there might be months where you will not see these fabrics outside of the monthly trios in any of our classic bow styles (Ellie, Lizzie, Betty, Elizabeth, Libby).
      • This will solely depend on fabric availability and subscription design, as well as other bow themes or drops for the month.
      • Exception: Knots are generally created out of "leftover" fabrics to avoid waste, and therefore will usually be created from subscription fabrics.


        Will I get to see the Bows before they ship?

        Yes! We want to make sure you love our bows! Around the 1st of the month, we'll reveal the upcoming set on our Social Media channels + Bow Club Group


        Can you explain the naming convention for these sets?

        The Monthly bows are named for the month which subscribers will RECEIVE the bows, and not the month which you are charged. 

        Example: November 1st we unveil the "December" bows. These bows will be charged on November 10th, and shipped the last week of November with the goal of getting them into to your mailbox by the first week of December.


        Can I cancel my subscription or skip a month?

        If you need to cancel your subscription, or skip a month, you'll need to do so prior to our cut-off date of the 7th. You can make any changes to your Bow Subscription by logging into your account.

        *Please note: if you cancel your subscription, you may be unable to sign back up unless there are spots available in our subscription program. Historically we have been full each month.


        When will my Subscription Charge?

        When you initiate a new subscription, you will be charged immediately. All subscriptions are then charged on a recurring basis, on the 10th of the month. Your first recurring charge will skip so as not to double charge you for your order. You will also receive notification of your subscription renewal prior to getting charged.


        My payment was declined. What do I do now?

        Our system will automatically retry the payment again and will stop after 5 days. If the payment does not go through within 5 days your subscription will skip and the bows will go to the next person on the waiting list. Just reach out if you know there are issues with your card etc. and we'll make sure to get it sorted out.


        Is shipping included?

        Standard shipping for our subscriptions is $4.00, and always free on orders over $30. You may upgrade your shipping to Priority, however that will only impact shipping time, not processing time.


        Can I add extra bows to be shipped with my monthly bows?

        At this time we are unable to merge regular Bow orders with Subscription orders.


        When will my Subscription Ship?

        All subscriptions will ship starting the last week of the month and may take up to 10 days to fully ship.


        Can I join the waiting list?

        Yes! Should spaces open up, we'll send invitations every month to those on our waiting list. If you do not sign up during the invitation period, we will remove you from the waiting list. You'll need to sign back up the following month if you change your mind.


        Can I return my subscription?

        Unfortunately no. All subscriptions are final sale. Of course if there is an issue with your bows, we'll work with you! Our end goal is a happy mama and happy little babe. Just send us an email to and we'll see what we can do.