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Please take a moment to read my Shop Update. It's wordy, but it's just because I care so much and really wanted to make sure y'all understand my heart and where I am coming from with this news.
When I first opened Baby Ellie's Bows in 2018, I set out to make something special for my little girl and all little girls who share a love for all things pretty. Designing these little bows allowed me to have a creative outlet that I was missing ever since leaving my corporate job and becoming a SAHM. But as many of you know, my story didn't stop there. I had dreams of starting an apparel brand - something I had wanted to do since I was a little girl!
Fast forward to now, we've had some name changes and introduced our Apparel line. Eliza Cate and Co is thriving and I have been so blessed to share so many beautiful Twirl Dresses and coordinates for y'all. Over the last year I had shifted away from making bows simply due to logistics at home. I was no longer able to pull out my sewing machine and handmake these beautiful bows. Fortunately I had already been working with another seamstress to keep the Bow show up and running so it was easy for me to take off the "Bow Maker Hat" and allow the Bows to continue.
Our shop has grown and adapted so much, yet our Bow sales have declined quite a bit. Not a sign of shop struggles thankfully, just a sign that most of my original customers are still here but their daughters have also outgrown bows and instead share a new love for our twirl dresses. A sign that most of our new customers are coming here looking for beautiful dresses for their sweet girls, and maybe something for the little dudes too!
The fact that so many of you have stuck with me since the beginning is truly inspiring. But it has become apparent that Eliza Cate and Co is no longer a Bow brand with coordinating Apparel. Eliza Cate and Co is a full-fledged Children's Apparel brand, with a touch of bows.
Like all good stories, each one comes to an end. I have decided after months and months of consideration, I am ready to move away from Bows. Almost completely, but not fully. We have a few more bows that are sitting and waiting to be released (including some princess gauze bows y'all keep asking for), but the days of our ECC Bow Drops are now behind us. Any new bows released under the ECC brand will be done so very intermittently and we will no longer be doing drops focused on themes or seasons.
But y'all I can't fully quit Bow life. Rather than be another competitor in the Bow world (there are so many), I have decided to tap in to the connections I've made these last 4 years and collaborate with some of the best shop makers! In the coming months you'll see some cute little bows that are made to match our pretty little twirls. And later this morning you'll get a first look at our very first Collaboration!
Sadly this news also means our monthly subscription program will be ending after the "September" bows ship. August bows are shipping next week, and I'll share the very last Bow Trio with y'all on Monday! It's bittersweet but honestly the right decision to make for both me personally and my little shop.
There will be some other changes made to the site over the next few days. Our rewards program will also be getting an overhaul given it was originally created as a Bow Program. Rewards will be changing a bit, so I'll share more on that in the coming days once I get it finalized. You might notice rewards are offline or unavailable, but I'll do my best to have it up and running by the time our next release opens up.
While this news probably doesn't come as a huge surprise given the lack of bow drops we've had lately, it still may be a bit of a shock to those who came to us seeking out Bows. I really hope you stick around because I have some really amazing and beautiful things in the works that I know you'll love.