Order Processing + Shipping Updates

The page serves to provide information and estimates for order processing as well as any updates regarding turn around time ("TAT").

Below you will find the following:

  • Collection or Item Name
  • Drop Date or Preorder Date (DD/POD) - This is when a collection is released or Preorder closes.
  • Turnaround Time (TAT) - This is the estimated timeframe for order processing, including Production timeframe for Preorders. This is the time our orders close, to the anticipated processing time and does not include shipping to you.
  • Estimated Ship - This is when we anticipate shipping out your order. Note this can change and is not a firm shipping date.
  • Status - This will let you know what our current status is regarding your order.
    • In Production - This means orders placed during the Drop or Preorder Window are in production or in queue to be processed. 
    • In Transit - This status is when items are in transit from our seamstresses or factory to ECC HQ.
    • Processing - This means order invoices and shipping labels have been printed and orders are being processed for shipment.
    • Shipped - This means all orders from the Drop have shipped. 
    • Notes - This will provide info on ETA's for outstanding order statuses or shipping, as well as pre-order or other information where applicable.

Please take a moment to review our Shipping Policy for more information on our order processing time.



Happy Birthday Ellie Preorder

  • Preorder Date: October 4-8

  • TAT: 6-8 Weeks

  • Estimated Ship: Late November

  • Status: Preorder Open


Harvest Preorder

  • Preorder Date: September 20-22

  • TAT: 5-7 Weeks

  • Estimated Ship: Early November

  • Status: In production 


Holly Jolly Preorder

  • Preorder Date: August 31-September 5th

  • TAT: 4-6 Weeks

  • Estimated Ship: Late October

  • Status: In production however slightly delayed due to COVID. New ETA Pending.


Once Upon A Time Apparel Preorder

  • Preorder Date: August 20-27th

  • TAT: 4-6 Weeks

  • Estimated Ship: Late October

  • Status: En route to ECC HQ however delayed due to covid-related concerns with courier.


Lounge Preorder

  • Order Date: August 2-8

  • TAT: 8-10 Weeks

  • Estimated Ship: Late October to Early November

  • Status: In Production.


Autumn Garden Preorder

  • Order Date: July 22-27

  • Status: Shipped


Halloween Apparel Preorder

  • Order Date: July 1-8

  • Status: Shipped




Boo Bash Bows

  • Drop Date: October 1st

  • Status: Shipped. Golden June Headbands and Velvet Bows are Delayed.


Primary Blooms Bows

  • Drop Date: September 10

  • Status: Shipped


Bow Besties

  • Drop Date: August 13

  • Status: Shipped


Updated 10.14.21 - NN